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The Gnome

The Gnome

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Sapien Medicine Limited Edition Energetic Artwork 'The Gnome'

Gnomes, the elemental beings of the earth, embody the desire to work with physical matter, transforming the world so that things can have a truly lasting value. They are the bastions, the yearning, the support, the heat of a household. At times their fidelity might seem stubborn, but they are always brave.

Lore suggests most Gnomes are 7 times stronger than a man, can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour, and have better sight than a hawk. These abilities help the Gnome to do many things, such as find wounded, dying animals for which they feel they are responsible for. Because of their love for animals, all the animals of the forest are the Gnome's friends and are willing to help him at any time. Many people say that gnomes have elevated practical jokes to an art form. But most especially they love gems and jewellery and are considered by many to be the best gem cutters and jewellers in existence.

Of course being earth based elementals, they can control ley lines and even help with your plants/trees and garden.
If you extend your thought process you can see the potentials and uses.

This is designed to be a servitor creator image, you purchase, then place your item on the circle and say create. A randomized gnome type servitor will be made on your item (within 30 mins)

Please enjoy.

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