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The Smarter Rife

The Smarter Rife

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Sapien Medicine Limited Edition Energetic Artwork NFT 'The Smarter Rife'


This creation has been designed with a combination of technologies, such as Tesla violet ray, (and public list of rife frequencies) to further provide healing benefits. By emitting certain vibrations, these energies are able to provide relief from various physical and mental ailments.
The combination of these two technologies is meant to create a powerful healing experience, as it can target the exact area and frequencies that need to be treated. This mixture of frequencies may heal on a much deeper level than the spookiest, as it is personalized to the individual needs. 
On demand automated or specifically requested use. 
Audio included
(for new buyers, this is a combination of all of the complied lists of rife frequencies, energetically within one audio, the audio will express the one needed as you play or use the mandala and it scans your body, or you can simply state specific requests)
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