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The Salamander

The Salamander

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Sapien Medicine Limited Edition Energetic Artwork 'The Salamander'

Salamanders have long held a significant place in the folklore and mythology of many different countries around the world. Fantastic powers and attributes have been bestowed upon them giving them a place in mythology, alchemy.
The lore continues to weave in and out of collective imagination as we learn elemental Salamanders were attributed for the presence of coronas or points of discharge. Commonly known as St. Elmo’s Fire, salamanders were thought to produce electric fields of energy, and sometimes great glowing orbs of fire.
Very bold and quick creature.
Perhaps better used with their element to burn things within and without.
Fire is a very important part of alchemy and in helping to push forth the fires of change. Interally or Exteranlly.

This is designed to be a servitor creator image, you purchase, then place your item on the circle and say create. A randomized (fire hues) Salamander type servitor will be made on your item (within 30 mins)

Please enjoy.

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