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The Sun MC

The Sun MC

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Sapien Medicine, Energetic Art, Limited Edition NFT. 'The Sun MC'

According to Astrocartography, Planets on your MC line (Medium Coeli, Latin for highest point) influence your career, reputation, and status. It represents your public image and the face you want to project to the world. On the sun/MC line, you can attract fame in almost any field because it puts you in the spotlight. 

You may become more confident about your goals and aspirations following an experience under a Sun Line.

The Sun in astrology is about asserting your ‘self’, and bringing you into alignment with your true philosophies. 

Generally, Sun Lines are said to have a positive effect, we’re said to be more at ease, positive and uplifted. It might feel as if things are going your way and could generally a very nice place to be! The energies of the line will help you to fully express your personality, your being and the get recognition.

Celebrities have often found ,moving to a place where their sun sign is in MC give them the most opportunity for success, in fact their are very high priced cartographers who offer this service.

With this, you can carry it with you and benefit from its effects.

(Audio Included) 

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